What’s Up Tornado — The Next Proposal Is Almost Ready To Spin

Let’s make this month a September to Remember!

What Is This Proposal Really About?

  • Upgrading the governance contract to secure locked voting TORN by separating them from the governance treasury in a distinct vault. You can read all about the benefits of such an upgrade on this post: What’s Up Tornado — What About Some In-house Cleaning?
  • Allowing gas compensation, directly in Ether, for some transactions (such as voting on proposals). Putting in place this upgrade requires auctioning off some TORN in exchange for ETH. The specificities of those parameters can all be discussed on the forum topic.
  • Incentivize governance by putting in place a lottery in which all voters participate. All parameters for such a lottery can be discussed on the forum, such as the number of winners per proposal, reward amount, etc. After each proposal, random voting addresses would be selected to get the given reward.
  • Extending the voting period, which is currently at 3 days, to give more time for community members to express their opinion towards proposals. This upgrade would ease reaching a quorum on future proposals, solving a recurrent issue in Tornado.Cash governance.



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