What’s Up Tornado — Some digging on Tornado.Cash decision making

Dear Tornado.Cash citizen, isn’t voting a civic duty?

Let’s Focus On Tornado.Cash

On-Chain Governance …

  • TORN tokens need to be locked in the Tornado.Cash governance contract to get used for governance & cannot be unlocked until the end of the proposal;
  • A minimum of 1,000 locked TORN is needed to create a proposal on the Tornado.Cash app;
  • Community members have a time-lapse of 3 days to vote with their locked TORN;
  • A proposal is executed if: (i) a 25,000 TORN quorum is reached, (ii) the number of TORN vouching for the proposal exceeds the number of TORN that are against it;
  • Changes agreed on through those governance rules are binding, which means that any user can deploy them after a two-days time-lock and within a period of 3 days.

… vs. Off-Chain Governance



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